Recall petitions filed against two Benton Harbor City Commissioners


A new recall effort has been launched against two Benton Harbor City Commissioners.

The Berrien County Clerk’s office says Shari Szilagyi of Benton Harbor has filed petition language against Commissioners Ron Singleton and Duane Seats, saying they should be removed from office for voting in favor of the establishment of a social district in the city.

That vote came earlier this month, and Seats and Singleton weren’t the only commissioners to vote in favor. Also supporting the social district were Mayor Marcus Muhammad, along with Commissioners Sharon Henderson, Edward Isom, and SaTanna Warren.

Now that recall language has been filed against Seats and Singleton, there will be a clarity hearing on June 4. If the Berrien County Election Commission deems the language clear enough, the petitioner can start collecting signatures to force an election.