Poll: most Michiganders want more from gas tax to go to roads


Should all of the money generated from taxes on gasoline in Michigan go towards roads? The vast majority of Michiganders say at least some should.

The gas tax was the topic of a recent episode of the Talking Michigan Transportation podcast. EPIC-MRA President Bernie Porn says we’re one of the only states that does not use the gas tax revenue to fix roads.

82% said yes, all taxes paid should go toward funding Michigan roads and bridges,” Porn said. “13% said no, not all taxes should go toward funding roads and bridges. We then explained to them Michigan is one of only six states that charges a sales tax on gas, and very little of the 6% sales tax collected at the pump goes to fund improvements to Michigan roads and bridges.”

The money generated from the gas tax currently goes to the school aid fund, revenue sharing for local municipalities, and local transit services.

Only about $55 million of the more than $1 billion generated by the sales tax on gas goes to roads and bridges in Michigan each year.