Berrien County Health Department offering walk-in vaccination clinics for kids


Walk-in vaccinations clinics for children will be held by the Berrien County Health Department throughout August. Berrien County Deputy Health Officer Candi Gabrielse tells us these are the first walk-in clinics with extended hours the department has offered for kids. Walk-In Wednesdays will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. throughout the month.

“Just to give parents an opportunity to come in the evening as well,” Gabrielse said. “More than just the one day when we normally would have a Back to School Bash, this offers four days.”

Gabrielse says some parents have fallen behind on getting their kids vaccinated since COVID. It’s important to make sure the kids are caught up before starting school.

“It’s is a law, but even more so, we’ve seen things that were almost eradicated now coming back because either they’ve been delayed in getting them or they’ve chosen not to get them. But we’ve seen some of those diseases coming back, and so we want to protect our children and make sure they have the necessary vaccines.”

The clinics on August 9 and August 30 will be at the health department office in Benton Harbor, while the clinics August 2 and August 23 will be at the office in Niles. The health department will be able to get kids up to date on their vaccines, and hearing and vision screenings will also be available. Parents can just bring their kids by on those days from 11 to 7.

To find a list of vaccinations available through the BCHD, visit For questions or appointment requests, call 269.926.7121.