Poll: Most Michiganders oppose book bans


How does Michigan feel about book bans? The majority of people say they’re against them. In a new poll of 800 voters from Epic MRA, 71% believe book banning is un-American, infringes on our freedoms, and harms our democracy. In addition, 83% of respondents say they would support legislation outlawing book bans. Michigan Library Association executive director Deborah Mikula says the poll indicates that Michigan supports freedom of choice at the library shelf.

“While a specific book may not be the right fit for one person, it may still be the perfect fit for another, and we don’t want any individuals or groups making these sweeping decisions that the process of careful consideration and choice away from readers,” Mikula said.

Mikula says those in favor of banning some books are a small, very vocal minority. She says libraries fill the role of upholding a citizen’s right to read and learn.