Comet to be visible this week

It’s called Comet C-2022-E-3 and you can see it this week. The last time it buzzed near the Earth was 50,000 years ago. John French, the editor of the Abrams Planetarium sky calendar for Michigan State University, says there’s a chance you can look up at night any day this week and spot it with your bare eye.

“Its magnitude, which is how they measure the brightness, is about fifth magnitude, which is about as faint as the faintest stars that you could see on a really clear, dark night,” French said. “So, it’s really just on the edge of naked eye visibility.”

Therefore, French says the view would be much better with binoculars or a telescope. He says if you want to see the comet for yourself, look up between the Big and Little Dipper to catch it before it speeds off again.