BH organization seeks to raise $35K to support youth

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It has been said that educating and supporting our youth is the best way to invest in a prosperous future. Youth Solutions launched their Fund the Future campaign to raise $35,000 in support of Michigan’s youth today, on Giving Tuesday, November 29. The campaign will conclude on January 15.

Your donations will help over 4,400 youth learn the skills to overcome barriers and succeed in education, employment, and in life. Since inception, Youth Solutions has positively impacted more than 23,500+ youth across Michigan and currently has 101 active programs in 59 Michigan cities. With the Fund the Future campaign, Youth Solutions has committed to putting 94% of all donated funds directly to educational programming and inspiring events.

When Youth Solutions’ Board Chair, Barbara Anderson, was asked why she supports the organization, she said, “I give generously to Youth Solutions because the programming they offer, including Jobs for Michigan Graduates, inspires youth to use education to launch into a productive career. Youth Solutions has helped thousands of youth achieve a future beyond imagination, contributing to the betterment of communities across all of Michigan. I encourage everyone to give generously so Youth Solutions’ programs can reach more and more youth.”

This year, the team at Youth Solutions is introducing a youth scholarship which will award $500 toward post-secondary education and/or skilled trades. This scholarship supports Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) youth to reach their goals. This annual scholarship is a fully youth-led initiative that provides JMG participants the opportunity to fund tuition & fees, books, registration costs, or training/certifications.

“If I knew about JMG and what they offer sooner, I would have joined immediately,” said Andi Funk, a JMG student from GST Michigan Works!. “Not only do you get help with developing your employment skills, but you also get personal support, which makes a big difference for someone that hasn’t had that before.”

To Fund the Future and support students like Andi, visit