Krasl Art Fair Earns High Marks In National Ranking

The 2021 Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff has ranked number 24 on the Sunshine Artist Magazine’s annual 200 Best art and craft festivals in the country list. The ranking is based on artists’ reported sales throughout the year. The Krasl Art Center’s Matthew Bizoe tells us the magazine each year asks artists to report how much they made selling their work at art fairs. Krasl is usually toward the top of the list. This was for 2021, when the fair was a bit scaled back. Bizoe says 2022 was a return to normal.

“2022 was the 60th Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff, so it was a very fun, big year for us,” Bizoe said. “We had the return of the Block Party on Friday night, where we had about 500 people show up…We had 171 participating artists.”

Bizoe says artists are always excited to come to St. Joseph for the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff.

“We talked to some artists, and they were really excited to come here. Our show will get selected over some other shows as well that happened on that same weekend, and the results from last year show that our community is just doing something right with our fair.”

The event this year raised more than $82,000 for the Krasl Art Center. Bizoe says they were able to bring back the Block Party this year to kick off the fair. They intend to do it again next year with the 2023 Krasl Art Fair, set for July 8 and 9. Work is already under way to plan for the event with more than 400 volunteers and more artists.