Legislation Would Allow Speed Cameras In Construction Zones


The Michigan Department of Transportation would be allowed to install automated speed cameras in construction zones under legislation now in the state House. House Bill 5750 would limit the use of automated speed enforcement systems to streets and highways under MDOT jurisdiction and only in work zones when workers are present. MDOT operating engineer John Osika says he thinks automated enforcement systems could get drivers to behave.

“You’ve got to hit them where it counts,” Osika said. “Just a slap on the wrist isn’t enough. So, if you hit them in their pocketbook, I think you’re going to get more attention from them. And if they continue to do it, each time they get pulled over, the fines get higher and higher and eventually, they’ve got to get it, I would think.”

Osika spoke on MDOT’s Talking Michigan Transportation podcast. He said construction zones are more dangerous than ever.

“Just working between the barrels and the cars. That’s always a touchy one for me, too. I have to tell my whole crew always be alert. Always, at all times.

The legislation would allow revenue generated as a result of the speed cameras to be placed in the Work Zone Safety Fund, established in the bill as a restricted fund for the purpose of improving work zone safety. The bill is currently before the House Judiciary Committee.