SHAES Closes A Safe 2021 Beach Season


South Haven’s 2021 Beach Safety Flag program has ended for the season. SHAES launched this year’s program with an emphasis on water safety through improved communication with the public about water conditions at the city’s beaches. The beach flags are usually flown from May 15 to September 15, but this year, with additional funding from the city of South Haven, the program was extended to September 26. SHAES says South Haven experienced three drownings in 2020, prompting local agencies to increase public outreach efforts about water safety. SHAES tells us there were no beach rescue responses by the agency this summer, meaning South Haven had the safest beaches along the shoreline for the season. SHAES thanked several organizations — including Bronson Safe Kids, Apple Insurance, City Hall, and the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project — for helping to keep the community safe.