$500,000 Grant To Help Area Agency On Aging Work With Hospital


A $500,000 grant is going to the Region IV Area Agency on Aging so it can help to improve health outcomes among seniors. Agency CEO Christine Vanlandingham tells us a 2019 study found seniors need help addressing social determinants of health. That would include things like housing, transportation, and recreation that affect health, but aren’t direct ailments. The Area Agency on Aging will work with Spectrum Health Lakeland to address those determinants when a senior seeks care.

“So that as patients, as people have chronic diseases or are in the emergency room a lot, they’ll be connected with a community-based professional who will work to understand their issues and their challenges around those social determinants of health and to connect them to the right services and supports so their health can be improved along with the clinical care,” Vanlandingham said.

The partnership between the Area Agency on Aging and Spectrum Health Lakeland will start in the emergency department at the hospital in April. Vanlandingham says it will grow from there.