Upton Calls For Congress To Remain In Session Until COVID Stimulus Package Is Approved


Congressman Fred Upton is issuing a call on leadership in Congress to keep lawmakers in session until another COVID-19 stimulus package is approved. He tells WSJM News he and his Problem Solvers Caucus have put together a plan to send out more stimulus checks, help local and state governments, and give loans to businesses.

“It covers all of the bases, I think,” Upton said. “It’s not anywhere close to the $3.5 trillion that Speaker Pelosi was able to muscle through last spring, but it addresses the needs of everyday Americans in a common sense way. We are hoping that it inspires our leadership on both sides.”

Upton says Congress must not go home without doing its job.

“If we don’t get it done in the next week or two, it’s not likely that it will get done really much before Christmas. That’s just inexcusable.”

Upton and other lawmakers sent a letter this week to House leadership urging them to pass a COVID-19 relief package before recessing from Capitol Hill. In total, 34 members signed the letter.