Experts Advise Caution With Pets In High Heat

Most of Michigan has been seeing temperatures in the 90s this week, but it’s not just you and your family that you should be worried about. Your pets are also a concern in this heat. The 90-plus degree heat we’ve been having can be deadly for them, especially dogs. Owner of the Animal Emergency Center Dr. Heather Robertson says they can suffer from heat stroke and they don’t sweat. How long should they be out in the heat?

“In 90 degree weather, I think they only go outside to go potty and then they come back in,” Robertson told Michigan News Network. “You don’t ask them to go on walks, you don’t take them on runs, you’re not playing ball with them.”

Robertson says you could take the dog for a walk early in the morning or late at night when it’s cooler. She says signs of heat stroke include panting, red eyes, diarrhea, and listlessness.