Health Department Urges COVID-19 Precautions This Weekend

Memorial Day weekend will have a lot of Michiganders heading outdoors, but the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over. Van Buren Cass District Health Department spokesperson Danielle Persky tells us everyone should still be wearing face coverings and keeping six feet apart.

“With those opportunities comes a greater risk of people wanting to see their friends, especially after having been apart for so long,” Persky said. “With that in mind, we are wanting to make sure we remind everybody to still be cautious”

Persky has a suggestion for enjoying the weekend in a safe way.

“Consider activities or spaces where social distance comes naturally. Can you go on a trail, hike in the woods, or maybe to your personal space lake house or pool?”

Persky says it’s important not to gather in groups of more than ten. She also suggests having a COVID-19 emergency kit that contains masks, hand sanitzier, tissues, and wipes.