Policy League Makes COVID-19 Response Recommendations

The Michigan League for Public Policy has released a list of recommendations for steps the state should take to protect residents during the COVID-19 crisis. President Gilda Jacobs tells WSJM News while Governor Gretchen Whitmer so far has done a “pretty remarkable job,” there are still Michigan residents who could use extra support.

“We know we’re going to be getting $3.1 billion from the feds, and we want to be sure that money is spent quickly, and is for people that need it,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs says the League for Public Policy is recommending a stronger paid leave law, mobile food pantries and meal deliveries, childcare help, and protections for gig workers. Then there’s healthcare.

“We want to be sure that kids are going to be insured, and that there’ an option to cover COVID-19 testing and related services for uninsured people.”

Jacobs says Michigan’s safety net has been dismantled in recent years, and this is the time to fix it. The league’s recommendations are on its website.