Bill Would Require Abortion Pills To Come With More Information

State Representative Beth Griffin is hoping new legislation she’s introduced will give women more information about their options when they seek an abortion. Griffin tells WSJM News this bill would require that women taking what is known as an abortion pill be told about a reversal option.

“It’s called the Abortion Pill Reversal bill, and it basically allows a woman to be informed that if she should change her mind during a chemical abortion, that she be provided information that a treatment is available,” Griffin said.

Griffin says her bill is consistent with those who say a woman should have the right to choose.

“It doesn’t interfere with a woman’s right to choose an abortion. It does respect a woman’s right to change her mind and save her baby.”

Griffin’s office says abortion pill reversal has a 48% to 64% chance of saving a pregnancy, depending on when it’s used. She tells us eight other states require that a woman getting the abortion pill be told about the reversal possibility. Griffin’s bill is now before a House committee, and she is waiting for it to get a hearing.