Right To Life Of Michigan Submits Ballot Signatures To Ban Dilation And Evacuation Procedure


Petitions seeking to outlaw a second-trimester abortion procedure in Michigan are now in the hands of state elections officials. The Michigan Values Committee of Right to Life of Michigan turned in boxes containing almost 380,000 petition signatures on Monday to the Secretary of State, well above the roughly 340,000 required if all are certified. They’re trying to get lawmakers to act on their ballot proposal to outlaw dilation and evacuation in abortions, which were used in 7% of all abortions in the state last year. Critics call it dismemberment, while abortion rights groups say it’s safe, legal, and commonly used following miscarriages. Other times doctors will use the procedure are in the case of rape or incest, or if the fetus has abnormalities or will have severe medical problems once born.

If the House and Senate take up the ballot proposal and pass it, Governor Whitmer will not be able to issue a veto. Lawmakers could also not do anything once the signatures are validated and allow the measure to go before voters.