LaSata Backs Water Legislation

A package of legislation intended to make Michigan water supplies safer has been introduced in the state Senate. One bill in the package would require periodic testing of water for lead at child care facilities, colleges and universities, hospitals, nursing homes, and adult care facilities. That bill is from state Senator Kim LaSata, who tells us it and the others in the package would “build upon the investment and action that have already been taken to improve and protect the quality of our water.” Other bills in the new plan would create the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Commission to study environmental threats of lead poisoning, establish a lead and copper analysis report at least one year prior to any change in a water source, reform the emergency manager law into a three-person financial management team, and require lead service line disclosure statements in all rental contracts. The bills are all in response to recent water issues Michigan has seen, from the Flint water crisis to PFAS showing up in Parchment. The bills, which have House companions, are now before various Senate committees.