Berrien Community Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients

The Berrien Community Foundation has announced 92 student scholarships for 2019, amounting to more than $168,000. The scholarships are going to Berrien County students from all walks of life. The recipients were picked based on their academic performance, community service, talents in the arts, or particular career plans. The Berrien Community Foundation’s Lisa Cripps Downey says there were two new scholarships this year. They are the F.A. Mason Penwell Nursing Scholarship, and the Stoub Family Scholarship for Working Students. Downey urges all 92 recipients to stay connected and continue to work with the Berrien Community Foundation. BCF volunteer committees reviewed more than 230 applications to select the 92 scholarship recipients. Applications for next year will be available at high school counseling offices and on the BCF’s web site in December.

The 2019 Berrien Community Foundation Scholars are:

All God’s Children Community Choir Scholarship: Shania Ford (Lakeshore), Artemisia Johnson-Stanish (Berrien Springs)

Edna Bender Scholarship: Emily Johnson (Berrien Springs)

Bryce Boothby Family Scholarship: Christopher Scott (Benton Harbor)

Jeffrey Evan Demko Scholarship: Kaitlin Essig (Bridgman)

Drews Family Scholar: Cooper Clark (Lakeshore)

Dunn Scholarship: Ann-Marie Koss (Lake Michigan College) and Kathleen Rendell (Western Michigan University);

Felland Scholarship: Doreen Schmaltz (Lake Michigan College) and Stephanie Schmidt (Lake Michigan College);

Jameson Matthew Gargano Memorial Scholarship: Sadie Colthorp (Lakeshore);

Heart of Cook Scholarship: Cooper Clark (Lakeshore), Kaleb Dunsbergen (Lakeshore), KetakiGaikwad (St. Joseph), Aishish Harikrishnan (St. Joseph), Andrew Tellez (Bridgman), Joseph Turcotte (New Buffalo);

David A. Hicks Scholarship for the Arts: Megan Yacobozzi (St. Joseph);

John E.N. & Dede Howard Instrumental Music Scholarship: Jared Jaggi (Western Michigan University);

Insurance Management Service Scholarship: Keshunn Alexander (Benton Harbor);

Jon Jollay Memorial Scholarship: Mackenzie Ecker (Coloma);

Sondra J. Kaminski Scholarship: Cailey Rooker (St. Joseph);

Leonard & Marion Krall Scholarship: Payton Priebe (Watervliet);

Ronald H. Miller Journalism Scholarship: Maxwell Hunter (St, Joseph);

Terence Joseph Mulvihill Scholarship: Libby Price (New Buffalo), Joseph Turcotte (New Buffalo);

Carol A. Oehlhaffen Lake Michigan Catholic Scholar: Adriana Nerio (Lake Michigan Catholic);

Carol A. Oehlhaffen Youth in Philanthropy Scholarship: Artemisia Johnson-Stanish (Berrien Springs), Lauren Sawyer (Lakeshore);

Cora B. Parkhurst Memorial Scholarship: Artemisia Johnson-Stanish (Berrien Springs);

F.A. Mason Penwell Nursing Scholarship: Whitney Ostyn (Lake Michigan College), Emmeline Schwarz (Lake Michigan College);

Arlene B. Porritt Memorial Scholarship for Curious Kids:Brooke Oleson (St. Joseph);

Stoub Family Scholarship for Working Students: Max Logan (Lakeshore);

Southwest Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force Scholarship: Andriana Enix (Lake Michigan College);

Trefz Family Scholarship: Noah Hayden (St. Joseph), and Christopher Scott (Benton Harbor);

Frederick S. Upton Foundation Opportunity Scholarship: Lauren Cook (Lakeshore), Lauren Hokanson (St. Joseph), Jacob Lorhaff (River Valley), Jack Moody (St. Joseph), Kathleen Rendell (Coloma), Hannah Scameheorn (Lakeshore), Quincy Sulton (Benton Harbor), Vera Tikhonova (St. Joseph);

Arthur and Bonna Vanderlyn Scholarship: Janell Parker (Hartford), Amalia Perez (Hartford),

Rodney Weir Coloma Marching Band Scholarship: Eric Gorzynski (Western Michigan University),

Welch Family Scholarship: Lauren Cook (Lakeshore), Quincy Sulton (Benton Harbor);

Lora Wile-Miller Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Cook (Lakeshore), Justin Shepard (Lakeshore).