[VIDEO] Local Foundations Partner to Provide Hearing Aids

Over 100 in-need seniors are receiving free hearing aids thanks to multiple foundations and a local audiologist.

Dr. Kasewurm’s Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph held a “Hear Now” event Tuesday in partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the Frederick S. Upton Foundation, the Berrien Community Foundation and the Area Agency on Aging.

According to Dr. Kasewurm, hearing loss affects many aspects of a person’s life, including their overall mental health.

“We want people to participate and to have the very best when it comes to hearing, so that they can have a great quality of life,” she said.

Tuesday’s event came about when Dr. Kasewurm’s connections with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Frederick S. Upton Foundation’s knowledge of the needs of Southwest Michigan residents came together.

“I knew that there were opportunities here in the Twin Cities where we could partner and collaborate with them, and help the people of this community,” Carrie Vill, a trustee of the Frederick S. Upton Foundation, said.

The Berrien Community Foundation then partnered with event while the Area Agency on Aging provided a list of qualifying in-need seniors in the area to receive the hearing aids.

To learn more about how the Starkey Hearing Foundation helps those with hearing loss around the world, you can go online to StarkeyHearingFoundation.org.