Upton Backing Legislation To Prevent College Sex Assaults


New legislation in the U.S. House and Senate is intended to help prevent a repeat of the Larry Nassar debacle at Michigan State University. At a press conference this past week, Congressman Fred Upton joined colleagues to announce the ALERT Act. The act would require university leaders to certify they have reviewed any reports of sexual abuses perpetrated by university employees each year. Upton said he’s found backing for the idea among local education leaders.

“For me, I represent southwest Michigan,” Upton said. “I’ve reached out to all of our universities and community colleges. They are in full support of what we’re doing today.”

Upton said university leaders need to be required by law to be transparent with sex abuse cases.

“The more sunlight we can expose, particularly women but other that may be victims of this, the better it is, and the faster it will stop.”

The ALERT Act applies to universities that receive federal funding. Upton says he thinks it can get quick approval in Congress, and then be moved on for a signature from the president soon.