Great Lakes Beach Cleanups Taking Place

The spring kick-off of this year’s Adopt a Beach cleanup events will be this month. Alliance for the Great Lakes spokesperson Jennifer Caddick tells WSJM News from April 13 to April 29, clean-ups will be held along beaches throughout the Great Lakes states. Thousands of volunteers are expected to pick up trash. They log all of it.

“Over 80% of the litter that people pick up during the Adopt a Beach cleanups is made up of plastic pollution,” Caddick said. “That includes a range of things, but we see a lot of things like cigarette butts, food containers, and volunteers also pick up a lot of what we call tiny trash.” has a list of all the planned sites, and they include Tiscornia Park in St. Joseph on April 28, Rocky Gap County Park on April 24, and Grand Beach on April 20. Caddick says people can also start their own cleanup events. She tells us the volunteers removed more than 35,000 pounds of litter from Great Lakes beaches last year.