Policy League Praises Budget Proposal

With Michigan’s budget process kicking into high gear, some policy groups are praising Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s proposals to improve the lives of state residents. Whitmer’s first executive budget recommendation totals $60.2 for Fiscal Year 2020, more than 3% higher than the last budget. With funding to improve roads, water quality, and education, the Michigan League for Public Policy’s Gilda Jacobs says the budget is embracing priorities outlined in the league’s “Owner’s Manual” for policymakers.

We believe it connects pretty significantly to our concerns about how we have enough money for education, that we address the need for skilled workers, for better paying jobs, for healthy communities. There’s just a tremendous connection to all of that.”

Jacobs says they’re especially pleased with a plan to double the state Earned Income Tax Credit to 12% over two years. It had been cut back in 2011. The increase is meant to offset the impact of a proposed 45-cent hike in the gas tax.