Marijuana Legalization November 6th Aims To End “Failed, Damaging Policy”

By Doug Cunningham

Law enforcement is trying to scare Michigan voters from ending marijuana prohibition. That’s the reaction from Josh Hovey, spokesperson for the group behind the November 6th marijuana legalization ballot question. Prosecutors and cops statewide coordinated an anti-legalization message in September.

“It just was a complete attempt to scare voters about this proposal. They used a lot of cherry-picked numbers and are not telling the whole story. We have a track record in other states that have gone before us. The sky isn’t falling in Washington or Colorado or any of the other states that have legalized. Their states are thriving. Their economies are thriving.”

He says marijuana prohibition is doing more harm than marijuana use itself.

“We’re proposing to strongly regulate marijuana to stop the waste of law enforcement resources on a failed policy. We arrest about 20,000 people in Michigan every single year for petty possession issues. And that’s a complete waste of our tax dollars.”

Hovey says if voters legalize weed, Michigan will see significant increased tax revenue.

“We’re not claiming by any means that we’re gonna solve the state’s road funding problems or school funding problems, but hundreds of millions of dollars every year, half a billion dollars over five years is our estimate.”