Kinexus Recognizes Offender Success Program

Kinexus is celebrating its Offender Success program. The employment agency in Benton Harbor tells us Offender Success pairs up recently-released inmates with job opportunities and programs designed to prevent them from re-offending. Offender Success Director Derek Knuth tells WSJM News the program has delivered a 61% region wide placement rate since being started in 2017. Knuth tells us it works when all parties are committed.

“These participants and populations that we’re serving take the rehabilitation seriously,” Knuth said. “For most of them, it is their last chance. They take advantage of the services and the partnerships that we help create. They take it seriously.”

Kinexus partners with the Michigan Department of Corrections, mental health providers, businesses, and community organizations to help find work and stabilization for those who have recently been released. Knuth tells us with the state continually reducing its number of inmates, it makes sense for communities to make sure the those offenders have the tools to succeed.