[VIDEO] Berrien County Democrats Side With County on Proos Bill

The Berrien County Democratic Party is siding with the Berrien County Board of Commissioners on opposing a utility bill from State Senator John Proos.

In June, the county board unanimously approved a resolution opposing the Senate bill to exempt utility properties from personal property taxes. Proos has told us it’s intended to help utilities pay for expected upgrades in the near future. At this week’s meeting, the local Democratic Party said taxpayers will be hurt if the bill becomes law.

“It’s also a substantial cut to the education systems all across the state and here in Berrien County,” said Eric Lester, chair of the Berrien County Democratic Party.

Lester said the state’s electric utilities just this year were given permission to raise their rates by 17% for upgrades. He says the utilities and their shareholders can pay for the rest. He alleges the Proos legislation is just payback for campaign donations in the past.