Automotive Supplier Planning Hagar Twp Location

As many as 100 new jobs are coming to Hagar Township. Cornerstone Alliance tells WSJM News that Dicastal Logistics Group will be opening a new operation in the township. The Chinese-based company is the largest distributor of aluminum wheels for the auto industry in the world, and ships those to 46 assembly plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. DLG will be making what the Alliance calls a “significant investment” in the 423,000 square foot facility at 4412 Coloma Road.

“We are grateful that DLG has chosen to locate in Hagar Township,” said Hagar Township Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio in a written statement. “They are occupying a building with a significant footprint and we welcome the increased activity they will bring to the area. The new jobs they plan to create will benefit Hagar Township and the region and we will do all we can to help them be successful. Dicastal is a very welcome and an outstanding addition to our Township. Hagar Township and the Southwest Michigan community scored a big victory with the addition of Dicastal.”

Hagar Township will be asked to create an Industrial Development District to help with the establishment of the manufacturing business at its August 13th board meeting next week. It’s estimated as many as 20,000 wheels will be shipped out of the facility every day once it’s open. A projected date for that has not been revealed.