Real Talk – The Girls Of Summer

Ready to be in a movie? Academy Award nominated Director John Hancock and unit production mgr Amber Carnahan join Joe Daniel and Jon Wallace in the studio to talk about The Girls of Summer.  This country music based story of an all girl band starts filming next week in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Extra’s are needed for the concert and bar shoots. Locations include Dablon Winery, The Livery and Shadowland Pavilion.  Best known for Bang The Drum Slowly and Weeds, this is John’s fifth movie shot in Southwest Michigan, including Prancer, Suspended AnimationA Piece of Eden, and The Looking Glass (available on Netflix). If you’re interested in participating, email with a picture, height, weight and interests. John also tells a great story about Robert De Niro. John teaches at Second City in Chicago and at Columbia in the fall and winter.

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