Lt. Gov. Calley Upset By Engler Emails On Nassar Survivor

Reaction is coming from Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley to a newly revealed private email from interim Michigan State University President John Engler to a top adviser. Engler accused a prominent survivor of Dr. Larry Nassar, Kalamazoo native Rachael Denhollander, of likely getting kickbacks from the trial attorneys involved in lawsuits against MSU, and Calley is not happy about these comments.

“I am very troubled by that,” said Calley. “I don’t understand where that kind of comment comes from. I absolutely think there should be an apology.”

Calley says it seems like when they start to move forward after the Nassar case, something like that comes out. He says he’s deeply disappointed. MSU Trustee Dianne Byrum also blasted Engler, calling his remarks to his top aide “tone deaf” and “completely unacceptable” and called for at the very least a public apology.

Denhollander is now an attorney in Tennessee and worked with state lawmakers to craft the new bills and laws that have come out as a result of the Nassar scandal.