SJ Police Work With Schools On Safety

Protecting students is a top priority for St. Joseph Department of Public Safety Director Brian Uridge. He told city commissioners this past week he’s been in regular talks with schools at all levels to be prepared for possible emergencies. Uridge said everyone’s been anxious since the Parkland, Florida shootings. He thinks a key component to helping is to involve the parents. City Commissioner Laura Goos told WSJM News, as a parent, she appreciates the proactive approach.

“Policing isn’t just about catching the bad guys,” Goos said. “It’s also about nurturing the community, and Director Uridge really understands that.”

Uridge said the department will team up with St. Joseph Public Schools for a meeting on April 19. He also wants to make children comfortable with police by having officers stop by schools on a regular basis to walk around and chat with them.