Open House On Napier Plans

An open house will be held this month for Benton Harbor-area residents to hear about possible plans for improvements to Napier Avenue. The Southwest Michigan Planning Commission’s Ryan Fellows tells WSJM News a study is currently in the works for Napier between the St. Joseph River and I-94.

“It’s a feasibility study and conceptual engineering plan to consider walking and biking improvements along Napier Avenue,” Fellow said. “We’ll be assessing options and associated costs. We’re just looking to see what ways we can improve Napier.”

Fellows tells us this study has been underway since last fall and should wrap up this July. It will then be handed off to the Berrien County Road Department as it prepares to repave Napier starting next year. Planners have heard from the townships and nearby businesses. Now they wants to hear from you. The open house on Napier improvements will be Monday, March 26 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Overflow Church on Napier Avenue at Broadway in Benton Township. Everyone’s invited.