Van Buren, Cass Flu Shot Clinics Next Week

The Van Buren and Cass District Health Department is planning some flu shot clinics for next week in Hartford and Dowagiac. Van Buren and Cass Medical Director Larry Wile tells WSJM News it’s pretty late in the season to get the flu vaccine, but the shot is still recommended. It may only be 30% effective, but Wise says it can reduce the severity of symptoms.

“In many cases, they’re a lot milder and you don’t have the severe complications,” Wile said.

The health department will not turn anyone away if they can’t afford the flu shot. The walk-in clinics will be next Tuesday and Thursday at the health department office in Hartford. They run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The places close for lunch during the noon hour. There will also be a clinic on Wednesday at the Dowagiac health department office during the same times.