December Brings Open Enrollment For Michigan Education Trust

This holiday season, you could give the gift of a college education to a young one in your life. Michigan Education Trust Executive Director Robin Lott tells WSJM News there is now an open enrollment period to purchase a 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan. That enables you to buy college credit hours at tuition rates set here in 2017.

“Let’s say you anticipate you would like to give a gift of a four credit hour class to a young one, you could buy those credits at today’s cost, and that student can go to any public college in the state in the future, and we’ll pay for four credit hours at whatever the cost is.”

Lott says the student for whom you’ve bought these credit hours will get them at the rate established when you bought them. She thinks that makes for a more valuable Christmas present than any PlayStation game. You can find out more at