Police Continue Investigation Into Coloma Junior High Incident

The investigation continues into the Coloma Junior High School student who was possibly seen with a gun this week while at school. Coloma Township Police Chief Jason Roe tells WSJM News there were enough credible reports from other students that the 12-year-old had dropped a handgun that police are still looking for it. He says the student was in a gym area between the high school and the junior high when other students reported the handgun falling out of his pocket. The student suspected of having a gun then managed to run off for a brief period before being detained. Police searched the junior high for five hours Monday while the building was on lockdown and they did not find a weapon. Still, Roe says they’ll look again. In the meantime, the student in question is not attending the school. Once the police complete their investigation, the case will be turned over to the Berrien County Prosecutor’s office.