Plenty Of “Middle Skill” Jobs Predicted For Michigan In 2017

The 2017 job market could be a gold mine if you’ve got the right prospecting tools. Fred Goff, CEO of, says companies in Michigan and across the Midwest are working to build a “middle-skill” workforce for jobs like computer coding, carpentry, and plumbing. He told us about one successful example.

“There are companies, like one in West Virginia, that have hired a whole bunch of ex-coal miners, and in six months trained them, and out of 50 people, 47 are proficient and are now working as website coders,” Goff said.

Goff says many times, people don’t know where to begin to make the leap into the middle-skill workforce. The Department of Labor says two-and-a-half million such jobs are expected to be added to the economy in 2017.