LMC Continues Remote Delivery Options For Spring Semester

Lake Michigan College will continue to offer remote learning options for students when the spring semester starts. LMC has released the following:

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the recent rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the state, Lake Michigan College will continue its 5 Course Delivery Options for the Spring semester, which begins Jan. 11, 2021. 

Classes that can be taught remotely will once again be offered remotely, while courses that require hands-on learning will have limited in-person instruction in small groups that follow safety protocols. 

“While we hoped to be able to offer students a return to in-person instruction this Spring, we also had been preparing for this possibility,” LMC President Dr. Trevor Kubatzke said. “The precautions we took this Fall have been incredibly successful in limiting the number of COVID-19 cases among students, faculty and staff. With the increase in COVID-19 cases in the region, it’s clear that we need to continue to offer the same, largely remote delivery options we implemented this Fall to keep students on track safely and successfully.” 

The 5 Course Delivery Options for Spring 2021 are: 

FLEXIBLE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (FLE)These offer the most flexibility for students. Students may choose to interact with their instructor and classmates by webcam during regularly scheduled class sessions or watch recorded class sessions online. 

ONLINE: All instruction will be delivered online. There are no scheduled class sessions. 

REMOTE: All class sessions will be held remotely by webcam on scheduled days and times. 

HYBRID/REMOTE: A significant portion of instruction will be delivered online with some remote class sessions by webcam required on scheduled days and times. 

HYBRID/FACE-TO-FACE: A significant portion of instruction will be delivered online. There also will be some on-campus, face-to-face class sessions required for hands-on learning that cannot be completed online. On-campus class sessions will be scheduled in small groups following safety protocols that minimize risks to the greatest degree possible.  

LMC has ordered extra computers for its loaner laptop program for students who do not have access to a reliable computer. LMC students continue to have access to tutoring, mentoring, and mental health support services. Financial aid and advising services also are available remotely.  

“If there weren’t a pandemic, sure, it would be cool to have the option of in-person classes, but I think we are all making the best out of the situation,” said Joseph Halcombe, a second-year LMC student. “I certainly feel like I am getting the support I need, and I’m just really thankful for everything LMC has been doing to make that happen.” 

Registration for the Spring 2021 semester is now open. For details on class delivery options, visit www.lakemichigancollege.edu/flexible, or to apply for free for the Spring semester, visit www.lakemichigancollege.edu/admissions. For details about LMC’s COVID-19 response, visit www.lakemichigancollege.edu/covid-19