AAA Cautions Consumers Against Overestimating Driving Assistance Systems

AAA of Michigan is advising drivers not to be too comfortable with driving assistance systems included in many newer vehicles. AAA spokesperson Adrienne Woodland tells WSJM News they’re marketed as selling points to make driving easier and safer.

“It allows vehicles to perform some aspects of the driving task, such as driving speed, lane position, and distance from a vehicle ahead without direct input from the driver.”

Some studies done by AAA have found the marketing information included on vehicles with these systems can give their drivers too much confidence in them. Woodland says that’s why AAA is speaking out.

“These systems assist the driver and take some of the stress out of driving, but they don’t eliminate the need for drivers to pay attention.”

Woodland suggests doing research to fully understand any assistance system in your vehicle. AAA’s study found the level of confidence a driver has in an assistance system could be greatly affected by things like its name. She says that’s why it’s important for everyone to do their homework. You can find the AAA report right here.