Upton Calls For Use Of Defense Production Act To Meet Demand For Medical Supplies

A U.S. House resolution co-sponsored by Congressman Fred Upton is calling on President Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act to speed up the manufacture of medical supplies needed around the country. Upton tells WSJM News the act should be used to “ensure we as a nation unleash the stockpile of supplies to help health care workers and save lives.”

“It does not nationalize these industries, but it helps the president in terms of seeking support to make up for the shortages of this equipment that otherwise it looks like we’re going to have,” Upton said.

The resolution calls on the president to immediately share with Congress plans for the use of the Defense Production Act, including targets and timelines to produce supplies needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The president declared a state of emergency and we have it. It’s a worldwide pandemic, and if we’re going to beat this thing and recover, it’s going to have to be all hands on deck.”

Upton says the Defense Production Act exists for an emergency just like the COVID-19 outbreak. He says the act would allow the government to direct businesses to make certain supplies that are needed in the fight against the coronavirus, but the companies would remain private.