Whitmer Praised For Overtime Effort

The Michigan League for Public Policy is applauding an announcement by the administration of Governor Gretchen Whitmer last month that it’s seeking to increase the threshold for overtime eligibility in Michigan. League policy analyst Peter Ruark tells WSJM News the current threshold for overtime is $35,500 per year, meaning if you make less than that, you qualify. The Whitmer administration announced it’s seeking to increase that to somewhere between $51,000 and $61,000.

“This change will cover many more workers,” Ruark said. “So, workers will benefit. They’ll be not working as much overtime, or they’ll be paid adequately for that overtime.”

Ruark says that could benefit around 200,000 workers. The Whitmer administration has directed the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity to submit a request for rulemaking to expand the threshold. That kicked into gear the agency’s rulemaking process, which will involve feedback from businesses and others.