Kid Rock Apologizes For U.S. Senate Stunt

Bob Seger once sang that rock and roll never forgets, but for Kid Rock, it can apologize. The singer appeared at a rally to endorse Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James in Novi last night and to issue the mea culpa about teasing his own run for the Senate last year. Rock said it was all “fun and games” until he suddenly started to be taken seriously and polls showed him winning, even if he hadn’t “lifted a finger” to actually campaign.

“I was hearing from the White House weekly. There were governors and senators that endorsed me. There were people that wrote me letters from all over the state saying they’d give their time to me,” said Rock, who’s real name is Robert Ritchie. “So, to those people, I apologize.” He asked the crowd to accept that apology and to trust him that he’s fully behind James’ bid for the Senate. Stabenow also took him seriously and told reporters last year she’d be ready to go up against whichever candidate won the Republican primary.

The U.S. Senate stunt was part of the promotion of Kid Rock’s latest album, “Sweet Southern Sugar,” that was released in November.