Benton Harbor police advise residents to watch out for coyotes


The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety has put out an advisory to residents about coyotes running around in town. On Facebook, it says everyone should use caution and stay away from the animals. Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife outreach coordinator Rachel Leightner tells us coyote attacks on humans almost never happen.

“Coyotes attacking humans is extremely rare,” Leightner said. “It’s certainly something to keep an eye out for, especially if you’ve got exposed trash or things that might be emitting food odors that could attract wildlife, including coyotes.”

So, what should you do if you encounter a coyote?

“If you do see a coyote, they have a remarkable fear of humans and they tend to flee as soon as they see you. So, stand your ground, make a lot of noise, and that coyote will flee the area.”

Residents are advised to keep a close eye on smaller pets if coyotes are known to be in the area. The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety says the animals are not friendly, and everyone should keep their distance. Incidentally, it is legal to hunt coyotes year-round in Michigan. Check state and local regulations before taking any such action.