Krasl Art Fair underway


Now underway is the annual Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff in St. Joseph. Krasl Art Center Marketing Manager Matthew Bizoe told us this week us the fair runs today and tomorrow.

“We’ll have 172 artists in Lake Bluff Park stretching from Park Street down to Ship Street, and we are really excited to welcome artists from across the nation. We really start working on the art fair in August. As soon as the previous fair is over, we start working on getting the applications ready for artists in October. So, they’re working year-round to get here and come to our community and show us their artwork.”

Bizoe says the Krasl Art Fair is one of the top art fairs in the nation, and artists come not only for the sales, but for the experience of a beautiful small town in the summer. Admission to the fair is $5, and those proceeds fund Krasl programming all year long. Last year’s event attracted more than 19,000 people.