Upton Discusses Voting Rights Legislation

Congressman Fred Upton this week predicted a tough road ahead for voting rights legislation being pushed by President Joe Biden. Upton told us Tuesday a slightly different version of the Senate bill already passed in the House without his support.

“It included campaign funding from the federal side, matching funds, adding to yet another round of spending directly from the treasury for the candidates running for congressional offices, public financing, in essence, of elections, which I opposed,” Upton said. “The Senate bill is a little bit different.”

Upton says voting matters should be left up to the states. President Biden later Tuesday said he believes the Senate should do away with the filibuster rule to get the legislation approved. On social media, Upton wrote “eliminating the filibuster would be a real mistake.” He said Republicans and Democrats can accomplish plenty “without playing politics with the world’s greatest deliberative body.”