State Police Warn About Scam That Ripped Off Local Couple

Everyone’s being reminded to be cautious when it comes to phone calls from someone seeking money. Michigan State Police out of the Paw Paw post say they have gotten word about a local couple who were scammed out of $12,000 by someone who called them pretending to be their granddaughter. She called them claiming to be in jail after a traffic crash. The couple then called a supposed lawyer who told them they would need to pay $12,000 to bail the false granddaughter out. They paid, and then were told they needed to pay another $14,000. At that point, the real granddaughter got in touch with them and confirmed the whole thing was fake. Reports of this same type of scam have also been made recently in Sault Ste. Marie and Grand Rapids area. Police remind everyone not to fall for these kinds of scams.