Flick Pick – Weekend Box Office Preview

Flick Pick is a podcast about movies. In today’s episode, Jacob Holmes and Andrew Green discuss the new movies playing in Benton Harbor this weekend.

We’ve got two, or we’ve got four, depending on how you look at it.

First up is The Invisible Man. This is a new version of The Invisible Man, brought to us by the fine folks at Blumhouse. This film stars Elizabeth Moss as a woman terrorized by her abusive boyfriend, who also just happens to have found a way to make himself invisible. Andrew will be there…he guesses.

Up next is (Impractical) Jokers the Movie. Andrew and Jacob gather this is some kind of prank movie.

Third in line is My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. This is an anime thing. Maybe Jacob can explain it to us.

Finally, we have Arctic Dogs, which has been  brought back to our local theater for some darned reason. Andrew still wants to see this one just because it involves the Arctic, and that is where he longs to be.

Jacob and Andrew will also discuss the movies they have most recently seen.

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