Work Underway On PFAS Legislation

Work is underway in Congress to address the issue of PFAS contamination in water. Congressman Dan Kildee told CSPAN this week, first, the new PFAS Task Force wants to ask the EPA to evaluate the standards for the chemical. Then, it wants to address the clean-up of PFAS. Who will pay for it?

“It depends on who’s responsible,” Kildee said. “We ought to start with the federal government, particularly where we have used PFAS in firefighting foam on military bases, literally hundreds of sites where this firefighting foam has been used.”

Kildee says many military bases have PFAS issues. When the contaminant is found on private property, Kildee says the clean-up should be paid for by the responsible party if they can be identified. PFAS is a chemical that was found in the drinking water of several Michigan communities this past summer. It’s been used in manufacturing and construction processes. You can see the full CSPAN video here.