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Ebola Patient to Be Released From Atlanta Hospital
Dr. Kent Brantly was working with Christian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse in West Africa when he fell ill with Ebola.

Terror Spree: Who Are the Extremists That Killed Foley?
Foley, a 40-year-old American journalist held in Syria since 2012, was beheaded by militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS.

MH370 Hunters Map Underwater Area Twice Size of N.J.
Investigators said they have mapped two-thirds of an area the size of West Virginia where they think the Boeing 777's wreckage might be.

Ferguson Cops Sued Over 2011 Alleged Wrongful Death
The Ferguson Police Department was hit with two federal lawsuits over the alleged wrongful death of a man that had been "tasered," NBC News confirmed.

Take a Look at James Foley's Finest Reporting
Although he was killed by ISIS, Jim's quest to chronicle modern war lives on through his journalism. Here's a sampling of his work for GlobalPost.

Dad's Daring Mission to Lure Home ISIS' Foreign Fighters
Dimitri Bontinck says only two percent of those who left home to fight in Syrian can be persuaded to return to their home countries.

'No Confrontations' in Ferguson as Arrests Plummet
Only six people were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, overnight as fewer "agitators and criminals" attended protests, police said.

Israeli Strike Destroys Gaza Building, Kills Six
An overnight Israeli airstrike demolished a four-story building in southern Gaza, killing at least six people, Palestinian police say.

Rural Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Federal Gun Laws
A growing numbers of sheriffs are saying they won't heed U.S. restrictions on guns, saying they violate constitutional guarantees.

SeaWorld Trainers Won't Swim With Orcas in Shows
The drop of the appeal means trainers will not swim with killer whales during shows, although they still may swim with orcas behind the scenes.

Ferguson Protesters Hopeful Holder Can Bring Peace
"With Holder, you now have an eagle eye on the whole situation," one protester said after the attorney general promised a thorough investigation.

'Indefensible': UNM Women's Soccer Team Hazed Freshmen
The entire team took part in the alcohol-fueled incident but the school's athletic director denied a claim the girls were forced to strip naked.

'Bless You' Leads To High School Suspension
A Tennessee student says she was suspended for saying "bless you" to a classmate. She says the "bless you" led to an argument with her teacher over freedom of speech. WMC's Michael Clark reports.
Neanderthal-Human Sex May Have Gone On for Millennia
Research suggests Neanderthals overlapped with humans for thousands of years before dying out, a coexistence that would explain their DNA in us.

California Officer Who Beat Woman Stripped of Duties
Officials have stripped CHP Officer Daniel Andrew of his badge and gun, effective immediately, CHP officials said.

U.S. Mission to Rescue Foley in Syria Failed: Officials
The U.S. tried to rescue James Foley and other hostages held in Syria by Islamist militants, but the mission failed because the hostages weren't there, officials said.

Bold Names Like 'Bush' Join the Ice Bucket Challenge
The ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' has raised over $30 million in donations and a former president joins the craze.
Seeking Death: 'Suicide Tourism' to Switzerland Soars
More than 600 people traveled to Switzerland to die between 2008 and 2012, and the numbers doubled over those years.
Americans Believed to Be Fighting With ISIS in Iraq
U.S. officials estimate the number of U.S. citizens who have joined Islamic extremist group is small, but acknowledge that they can't say for sure.
Holder Meets With Brown's Family in Ferguson
The attorney general has promised a “fair and thorough” federal inquiry.

Internet Invaders: What Exactly Is a Troll?
Trolls are more than just characters in fairy tales. They've been stirring up trouble in the comments section of many websites.
Cop Suspended for Threat to Kill Ferguson Protester
A suburban St. Louis police officer was suspended indefinitely for pointing his rifle at a demonstrator in Ferguson and threatening to kill him

Holder to Meet With Brown's Family in Ferguson
The attorney general has promised a “fair and thorough” federal inquiry.

James Foley's Parents: 'He Was a Martyr for Freedom'
The journalist's mother and father said they did not watch the video of his beheading but are "haunted" by his cruel death.

All Eyes on Holder: Attorney General Arrives in Ferguson
The attorney general promised a “fair and thorough” federal inquiry.