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Watch Live Coverage of the Tour de France
With only three stages left, Vincenzo Nibali looks to pad his lead during Stage 19 of the Tour de France.

Israel Braces for 'Day of Rage' After Deadly Overnight Protests
Israeli forces were put on high alert as demonstrations were planned at mosques after Friday prayers in a sign of solidarity with Gaza.

10-Month-Old Left in Hot Car Dies in Wichita
Police were questioning two men in a house that neighbors described as a foster home.

Uh-Huh! Elvis' guitar, library card up for auction
Several items from third-party collectors will be going on sale at the first ever Graceland-based event.
'Weather Conditions' Brought Down Vanishing Jet
The wreckage of Air Algerie Flight AH5017 was found near the town of Gossi, Mali.

TODAY at 'Fifty Shades': Natalie Learns Naughty Word
TODAY's Natalie Morales dropped by the movie's Vancouver, Canada, set for an exclusive tour — and she learned a new naughty word in the process.
MH17 Debris Site Deserted and Unsecured for Hours
NBC News team reports no sign of international monitors or rebels at one of the largest collections of debris on Friday morning.
The Library That Comes to You
This curated collection of Asian-American books is on the move in Seattle.
Move Over Big Mac, Thai Is the New Fast Food
A Thai restaurant that started with a single Bangkok location has grown to a global brand, and is now coming to cities across America.
Stop-Start Vehicle Technology Saves Gas: Study
A new study suggests that “Stop-Start” technology — which shuts an engine off, rather than idling — can reduce fuel consumption.
'Unexpected': Dentist's Surprise at Teen's 232 Teeth
An Indian teenager suffering from a rare condition had 232 teeth removed by dental surgeons. The boy's father said he had experienced "burning pain".
Friday's Top 7 News Stories
From the discovery of the missing Algerian plane over Africa to increased protests in Gaza, see the stories we’re following.
WATCH: Iraq Militants Blow Up Jonah's Tomb
ISIS militants blew up a revered mosque in Mosul said to be the burial place of the Prophet Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale in a biblical story.
Old Wound: Family Detentions Revived by Border Crisis
Two ICE detention centers opening as new data shows family arrivals at border grew five times as fast as unaccompanied minors last year.

Give Us Humanitarian Corridor for Wounded, UN Pleads
The World Health Organization said that four hospitals had been damaged in the conflict that began on July 8.

Smarter Smartphones: What Is a Kill Switch?
With smartphone thefts on the rise, the mobile phone industry is working to make stolen devices worthless to criminals.

Israel Mulls Truce, Expanding Offensive: AP Source
Palestinian health official says Gaza death toll has risen to 808, including 115 Palestinians killed Thursday. Thirty-four Israelis have been killed.
This View Over Gaza May Explain Death Toll
NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin gives a bird's-eye-view of the densely populated Gaza Strip and shows why Israeli warnings may be ineffective.

This Governor Makes Half as Much as One Jail Warden
Fiscally conservative group says 1,803 local government employees outside of New York City have been paid more than governor's salary in past year.
Awe-Inspiring Aerial Images of Washington Fire
Aerial photos and helicopter and drone video reveal a charred landscape encompassing more than a quarter-million acres of Washington state.

Huge Anti-Israel Protests Turn Deadly; 200 Wounded
Israel Radio said the protest appeared to be the largest since the end of a 2000-2005 Palestinian uprising.
Phillies Star to Fans: You're Not Booing Me Enough
Jonathan Papelbon was booed by Phillies fans before locking down his 24th save of the season. His response: Bring it on.
Best Team in Baseball Cursed With Worst Stadium?
Having been to all 30 MLB stadiums, Nats Insider Mark Zuckerman rates each ballpark from best to worst.

'Creepy' Dolls on Doorsteps Mystery Solved
While residents said they felt creeped out and "disturbed," investigators learned that the woman's intentions were pure.

Southwest Is Sucking Its Groundwater Dry: Researchers
New research shows groundwater in the southwestern United States dropping precipitously over the past five years.